Czech citizenship by descent

The Czech Republic offers individuals the opportunity to obtain citizenship through descent. This means that if you have a Czech ancestor, you may be eligible to apply for Czech citizenship without having to meet the usual residency or language requirements.

To qualify for this type of citizenship acquisition, the applicant must be able to prove that their Czech ancestor was a citizen of the Czech Republic (former Czechoslovakia) at some point in the past.

Many Czechoslovak citizens sought refuge abroad during World War II and the communist era. Today, these citizens or their descendants may wish to reclaim their Czech citizenship, and we can assist with this process.

The Czech Republic is now a safe country and a member of both the European Union and NATO, offering numerous benefits to its residents, primarily due to its strategic location in Central Europe. Czech citizens enjoy easy travel to all EU countries and have the right to reside in any of them, thanks to the EU's freedom of movement right. Additionally, even family members who do not qualify for Czech citizenship can reside in the Czech Republic and other EU countries through an EU family member residence permit.

Who can apply:
In simple terms, if your direct ancestor (parent or grandparent) was a Czechoslovak citizen, you may be eligible to apply for Czech citizenship.

To determine your eligibility, we will require information about your ancestors and your own background. This includes details such as when your ancestors left Czechoslovakia, their birthplaces and residences before leaving, whether they renounced their citizenship or acquired another, and the birthdates of both you and your ancestors.

We assess each case on an individual basis and provide a specific answer based on the information you provide. With nearly a decade of experience in processing Czech citizenship applications based on ancestry, we can swiftly evaluate your case and offer a clear response.

We'll help you navigate Czech paperwork and provide you with a detailed checklist of required documents. Once your citizenship is granted or confirmed, we'll submit all necessary registrations to ensure you have the documents needed for your passport application.

If you would like to find out if you qualify for Czech citizenship or you would like to learn more about the process and our services, please contact us at any time.