Immigration law

Are you coming to the Czech Republic and need to obtain a visa? Do you plan to stay and want to apply for a long-term residence permit or even a permanent residence permit? Do you need help with asylum procedures? Are you a business company, wanting to hire foreign employees?

When you decide to move to the Czech Republic, there are many things that you need to take into account. Our experts can help you with all related legal matters, such as applying for a visa, a short-term or a long-term residence permit, an EU family member temporary residence and an employee card, and citizenship. Our experts also provide services to companies who wish to employ foreigners (both non-EU nationals and EU nationals).

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Family law

Did you get married in the Czech Republic? Did you marry a Czech spouse and want to get divorced? Who has the custody right to your children? What are theirs and yours maintenance rights? And your property rights? Is it worth to conclude any prenuptial agreement and how to do it in the Czech Republic?

Our experts are ready to provide you with all necessary information, assist you in the negotiations with your partner or ex-partner or represent you during the court procedure. They are always ready to help you to find the right solution of your case.

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Real estate law

Are you considering renting an apartment? Do you want to have the rental agreement checked? What fees do you have to pay as a tenant? What should the proprietor do for free and when is he or she entitled to ask you for an extra payment? Do you want to terminate the contract? Or do you prefer to buy your own place?

Our experts have vast experience providing their clients advice regarding their housing needs. They are ready to check all the contracts for you, help you with all potential translations and negotiations with the owners. Our experts can arrange all kinds of different real estate transactions, whether you need to buy a place to live or invest in the lands for further development. They are also prepared to assist you with your mortgage as they cooperate with mortgage brokerage firms.

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Business law

Do you have a plan of setting up a business in the Czech Republic? Are you a freelancer looking for obtaining a trade licence? Do you want to establish a company? Do you already have a running company, looking for an assistance with general corporate matters? Do you need to have a contract drafted?

Our experts are experienced business lawyers who will help you with all legal issues related to your business – including advise on what legal form of your business would suit you the best, setting up a company, liability issues, general corporate matters or business contracts including general terms and conditions, and model agreements.

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Employment law

Did you find a job in the Czech Republic and do you want to have the employment contract checked? Do you want to know what rights and duties you have as an employee? Were you dismissed, thinking it was an unfair dismissal? Or is your business going well and you are planning to hire an employee?

Our experts advice both employees and employers on issues related to employment law. They are ready to draft or revise employment contracts, management contracts, internal policies and other related documents, and consult issues, such as hiring practices, dismissals, compensations or dispute solutions.

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Criminal law

Did the police catch you drunk driving? Speeding? Did you cause a car accident? Were you accused of a crime in the Czech Republic?

Our experts are ready to assist you in all different situations, for example traffic administrative offences, or represent you during the police investigation and at a Czech court.

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