Together with our partners Praguexpats and Jobspin we have organized the first workshop of our series focused on employment in the Czech Republic. We provided overall information about Czech Labor Law answering the tricky questions such as termination, prolongation of employment contracts, non-compete clause or the Schwarz-system (working on the border of labor and business law).

Before you sign an employment contract, you should know:

  • Selection of individuals with regard to qualification and necessary requirements is within the employer’s competence.
  • The employer may require only the data directly related to the conclusion of the present contract.
  • The employee should never been asked about their religion, sexual orientation, matrimonial status, number of children (This right is protected mainly by Anti-Discrimination Act).

One of the most important things mentioned was that the employee is always considered to be the more vulnerable part of the contract, so he/she is more protected by the Labor Code. For example, it is always the employer who will have to prove that they did not discriminate an employee (or a job-seeker) if the court trial is initiated. Another interesting issue was so called trial period – did you know that even a pregnant woman can be dismissed during the trial period at a new job?

Our partners from Praguexpats explained about the Employee Card and application for it.

We would like to thank The Spot for providing the venue and refreshment. If you would like to get further information download our presentation.

We would also like to invite you for the second part of the series called: setting up a business in the Czech Republic, which takes place on 12th November 2016. If you want to sign in please Register now!